Photographers Like Photos Too

Today was a special day for me as my 2 models were my own beautiful children.
I watch these 2 growing and learning every day and am amazed with every second that passes. Today allowed me to fully indulge my motherly self by gazing at the people who make me whole.
I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I will.Fall2014(1of1) Fall2014(1of1)-2 Fall2014(1of1)-8 Fall2014(1of1)-13 Fall2014(1of1)-31 Fall2014flare(1of1)-2E

What a day!

I got to photograph the most fun family today. We spent an amazing session kissed by sunlight and being silly. There wasn’t one moment that wasn’t filled to bursting with love, laughs and such a contagious energy.
It’s been a wonderful day and this smile it has given me will last for quite some time.
Thank you for letting me be part of your fun.

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