Golden Isles Family Beach Photographer

One day, you’ll be grown

The toys discarded, the clothes outgrown

You’ll no longer look to me for rescue from the monsters under the bed

You’ll no longer seek my reassurance for the steps you are taking, the choices you make

Your world will grow far past the 4 walls of your childhood home

More and more people will enter your universe, and my place will shrink

You’ll always love me, and I you, but you will find a wife, a husband, a child of your own, to share your heart

These simple days of running on the beach, of linking your arms around my neck, of indulging me in tales from your imagination

These days will ebb away, leaving fading memories of important times

But photos will remain

These moments in time will be preserved.

Fleeting seconds of pure love and joy, forever, captured

And I’ll look at these images. I’ll lose myself in them

For, through these photographs, time will stand still, and my baby you, always, will be

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